Let’s Go Ovtside – Avant Garde Black Metal (for Astral Noize Magazine)

This piece forĀ Astral Noize Magazine showcases some out-there BM for the discerning listener, or whatever you are.

Let’s Go Ovtside: A Study Of Transcendent Innovation In Black Metal

Album Review: Beyond The Styx – Stiigma

French band Beyond The Styx send their albumĀ Stiigma into the ring with me and carry it out on a stretcher. A warning.


Interview: Redefining Darkness Records and Seeing Red Records (Astral Noize)

I wrote this for Astral Noize Magazine. Both these labels have amazing bands, right at the front of the dark queue and from all over the world, so get in about it!

Profile: Redefining Darkness and Seeing Red Records

Album Review: Deathless Legacy – Rituals Of Black Magic

Italian horror-metallers meet the tip of my nib on their fourth full length.

Written for Overdrive Magazine (Australia).



Album Review: Sages – Sleepwalker (Deluxe)

I was very even-handed with this release from Sages for Overdrive Magazine. Have a read.


Album Review: Lione/Conti – Lione Conti

I review the new Frontier Records collaboration between Fabio Lione of Rhapsody and Allesandro Conti of Trick Or Treat for Overdrive Magazine.


Album Review: Mare Cognitum – The Sea Which Has Become Known (re-issue)

I wrote this for Overdrive Magazine in Australia. This was a stormer.


EP Review: Filthy Militia – Filthy Until Proven Innocent

I wrote this review for Fortitude Magazine. It was quite eye-opening, as you shall see.


Interview: Cryptae


I got the opportunity to have a chat with Cryptae about their new record on Sentient Ruin for Astral Noize.

Check it out below!

A Meandering Reality Of Their Own Design: Cryptae

Album Review: Dustin Behm – The Beyond

Dustin Behm The Beyond

I wrote this album review for Australia’s Overdrive Magazine.

Check it out!